Up is The Way

Dreams don't work unless you do!
So get up, get off internet, and hustle hustle hustle. Once you put out your best effort, up is the only way. Don't compare your today with other people's success story (I found them to be depressing), just compare yourself with your work yesterday (which I found motivational).

Anyway, what I wore on a Valentine's Day. Excuse my crazy hair (you can't really see it because I chose the photos carefully). I really need to get it straightened (my hair is naturally curly, here I sort of ironed them, but it was ruined because of the humidity)  but le boyfriend opposed because my hair would look super flat and lifeless, he says. True, but only like, 4 weeks, and then I'll have beautiful silky hair. Well, at least, for a good 3 to 4 months. LOL. 

Wishing you a good midweek :)

abstract midi dress - M Pink Closet // black belt - vintage
bracelet - Balenciaga // watch - Michael by Michael Kors // sandals - Zara


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