Sugar, You

I hope everybody had a lovely Valentine's Day either you're a single or a couple :)
Just popping in to show off my super pretty flowers in a box courtesy of le boyfriend.

A little life update, I was sick for the first days of last week (Monday through Wednesday I spent most of my days in bed) with a bad case of ulcer problem and a throat sore; still not feeling that well but I powered throught V'Day. Also, I am currently having a toothache yet once again. It was only two weeks ago since I had my permanent filling for my last case of cavity. So yeah, a little bit frustrated as to the condition of my health but Oh Honey songs have been a true consolation throughout the week :)

As for the title, do click Read More below.
Have a great week ahead, lovebirds!

Sugar, don't you change a thing, you're already everything I want
Sugar, don't you change a thing, can't you see you're everything I'm not
You're busy playing nice, you sweeten up my life
I'm here making eyes tryna keep you by my side
---Sugar, You by Oh Honey---


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