White on White Beach Outfit

I know I haven't been entirely creative in terms of creating a blog post' title, but in my defense, my titles are always make sense.. you know, once you actually read the post, because I know lots of people only look at the photos, even tho it's sometimes very literal, quite like this one's title. 
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I had great quality time with long-time-no-see friends and my soul is as happy and as giddy as these set of photos are. I mean, how can you be gloomy when the sky is as clear as summer's day? 
This one is from my last trip to Bali for a wedding weekend. Managed to sneak in a little beach time to catch a beautiful sunset as per usual. Had no idea what to wear tho and this white on white is sort of a last minute thrown in top and skirt but it works perfectly, I think.
Anyway, wishing everyone is having a good Monday!

hat - thrifted // sunnies - von Dita // top - Eclaire // skorts - Look Boutique


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