Health is Wealth

Yeay it's Thursday! Only one more day to weekend ;)

A little life update, I was MIA last week because I was busy going back and forth to the doctors due to my health issues but I am relieved to say that I am now healthy and most certainly happy. During those trips and all those blood tests, the terms health is wealth comes into my mind over and over again. Being sick is not fun at all and it's such a hassle for your loved ones because they have to put away their daily schedule just to take care of you. 

Being healthy is priceless and being sick is pricey so I encourage everyone to keep a balanced life. Have enough sleep, exercise regularly, make sure you eat well and I mean real food, not junk food. I have been taking chia seed and honey every morning for the past week. I also been obsessed with cold pressed juices. All in all, just make sure you appreciate your body. You only have one, you know.

Well, wishing everyone a great Thursday :)

off shoulder top - Eclair // lace skirt - Ste Wardrobe
mini Antigona bag - Givenchy // wedges - Staccato


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