Bali Photo Diary Day 3 and 4


First stop of the day was Klapa for swimming and lunch. I talked about Klapa on my last year's photo diary post, but I don't mind doing it again. My impression is still the same. It's a super cozy place and the view is absolutely breath-taking. For 150 thousand rupiah (US$14) entry fee that you can use as a voucher to purchase food, the place is absoutely worth the money and I will relentlessly suggest anyone who come to Bali to visit. The food and drinks price range are rather modest compares to Bali standard. It's by no means cheap, but very rationable. My only complain is the changing room. There were holes everywhere! And they do gives you towels but you need to bring your own shampoo and soap. From the beach club, you can took the stairs to go down to Dreamland Beach. Which as you can witness, quite dreamy!

We heard SO MUCH about this recently opened luxury hotel and villas so we decided to visit. Mulia Hotel and Villas are living up to its high standards. We went there and was so impressed, we decided to try their buffet. Although not that exact same day. We simply book a table for seven people for Sunday so I'm not sure if you HAVE TO book or not for their buffet, but more about that on Day Five post.

After a tour around Mulia, we decided to chill down a little and head to Potato Head. There were a short line because we went there on a Friday. But you can book a table in advance to avoid the trouble. We only ordered drinks and waiting for the sunset that never came.. I wouldn't advice you to eat here except for light snacks because I find the prices to be unreasonably expensive.

Ended up at Ultimo for dinner. I promise I'll do a review of this place since it's quite famous in Bali. My overall impression of the place is not bad at all. The food is tasty and I don't clinched in fear seeing the prices.


Finn's Beach Club was our first stop of Day Four. This beach aligned with Karma Kandara beach so expectedly, it has similar ambience, which I don't mind at all. We also need to pay 250 thousand rupiah (US$24) to descend using an elevator to the beach club. My advice, just go have lunch at their restaurant near the lobby and spend at least 250 thousand rupiah per person and you can use the bill to go down. If you go straight to the lobby, they will offer you a same amount of money to spend but you can only spend 200 thousand rupiah (US$19) for food. 

Will I suggest people to come here? Definitely! It has better bathrooms and changing room compare to Karma Kandara Nammos and you can get the exact same beach experience. The waves were pretty strong that day, but usually it's calm enough to do kayaking and snorkeling. Which, you can get for free  here!

Based on friends many good reccomendation, we decided to look for Gusto Gelato & Caffe to get our sweet tooth cravings under control and the place did not dissapoint! We admit, it was rather difficult to find the place but we finally did and for 20 thousand rupiah (US$1.8) resulting in that big portion, with that scrumptios taste, who could resist a second cup? And definitely try their pastry! So good eating it together with the ice cream!

Dinner time we decided to try out Rayjin, which is a small Japanese dining-bar hidden amongst the big other resto around it. I will definitely recommend this place if Indonesian/Balinese food and western food tastes tire your tounge.  The price is very pocket-friendly and I will see if I will do a review or not. But overall, very worth the money! And the service is beyond excellent.

Motel Mexicola is arising thanks to social accounts and although we just had dinner, we decided to get our late night drinks here. The place is so colorful and I do love the psychedelic vibe but the place was just so.. well.. loud. I don't suggest it for couples but it can be fun with friends. I didn't pay attention on the food prices but non-alcoholic drinks cost around 30 to 40 thousand rupiah before tax.

Thank you for reading and have a warm midweek all! (for some reason, it has been raining non-stop here in Bandung and it's getting reaaallyyy cold)


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