Sea Circus Bali Review (Vday Giveaway Winner)

Hello, hello!
It's weekend and it's Valentine's Day and I had two cups of coffee today and I just had a bar of chocolate which was given when I visited a car showroom and I was feeling a tiny bit happy that I get a chocolate at all! Considering I'm single and all.. Aaannndd if you haven't notice already, The Sweetest Escape has gone dotcom! No more long typing everytime you need to visit my blog. Of course, the downside is all of you need to re-follow me on bloglovin and all of my comments on previous posts are gone (my heart breaks a little, your kind comments are one of the things why I continue blogging). Hence more and more reason why I'm just slightly over the moon today.

I have been considering to go .com for a while now (about a year, I guess) but I don't understand how to or what are the consequences or how much I have to pay for a domain and all that tech things which I hardly understand because I have a very short attention spam when the kind web designer slowly explain it to me. But I'm super excited for a new The Sweetest Escape. This little corner in the vast internet world is my baby and I want my baby to grow and fly way from its nest! So going .com is the first step of the great walk we shall have ahead.

And that's enough about me and my blog. Sea Circus is located in the very heart of Seminyak, Bali. Like the website says, it's not a circus at all and it's not located anywhere near the sea (oh the irony). But it does retain the whole festivities that a circus has with their colorful decor. Now I didn't eat there but my friends recommend this place so the food must be good! They have breakfast and dinner menu you can check it out on their website.

Price ranges between 22 thousand rupiah to 150 thousand rupiah. So you might want to bring at least 200 thousand if you want to eat here. Since the ambience is very relaxing and fun, I guess a pair of you best torn-up jeans shorts will do. Pair it with your favorite tribal tee! 

Anyway, congratulations for Karin Shaim! I will email you super duper soon for that $20 Romwe Shopping voucher. 

Happy Valentine's Day, all!

flowery blouse - vintage, red midi skirt - Lollie Stories, brown bag & sunnies - Zara, black pointy flats - New Look, butterfly necklace - c/o


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