The Bistrot Bali Review

The Bistrot is a vintage cafe/lounge/restaurant. The first time I noticed this place is through the ever so powerful instagram and since I'm a fan of anything vintage, I make sure that one of our schedule was to eat here!

As you can see, the decor is nothing but perfection. Every single thing put there, I seriously want to take it home with me. (The Bistrot also available for a pre-wedding photoshoot!) So I have no complains about the decor. It's clearly bordering to industrial which I usually don't really like, but with their rustic furnitures from a century ago, it suits very well with the ambience! 

Now on to the food, I ordered a tartine (check out the pdf. menu HERE, with price details!) which means open sandwich, hence only one bread on the bottom. For the taste, it wasn't bad.. But it's definitely not GREAT either. It was okay and I might try on another thing on the menu the next time I'm here. My iced cappuccinno has nothing special either, but definitely drinkable and it might even border to good (IT IS ILLY afterall.. ;)

As far as the price.. I have no big complains, we really just buying the graceful atmosphere it oozes. My tartine costs 85 thousand rupiah before tax. While my iced capuccinno 35 thousand. So prepare at least 150 thousand when you want to eat here. But steaks and other meats costs more.. Therefore, I guess 250 thousand should do if you want to be a carnivore for the day.

The three of us planned to wear our midi skirt that day and well.. I couldn't think of a better background for my midi skirt outfit pic... I decided to wear something super colorful that day. Not sure why. Sometimes I just really want the outfit to pop in the photographs. And I'm pretty convinced I have accomplished such mission.

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