Helo Strangers

Nothing screams summer more than a crazy bright color combo. Orange and blue strangely looks good together don't you agree? Combine, both colors make me craving for a nice cold slurpee! 

Skirt is from Helo Strangers..
I guess it was only a matter of time before any blogger starts to sell clothings! Mine is a mix of brand new items (like this skirt) and second items. Which remind me, my store Shop The Sweetest Escape is back open with many adorable flowery summery dresses as well as crazy printed skirts for only a fraction of orginal price!

Helo Strangers is run by me and my big sis. For an easy follow and updates follow our instagram @helostrangers . Open for Indonesian based only! If you're not in Indonesia, kindly clik that Like button. We will be so happy! :)

One more day and weeekend is ours!

Also, follow my instagram with the username of steviatepi

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