Popolo Coffee Bogor

This Popolo Coffee is my favorite place that I visited in Bogor. It's super adorable and it has cool air condition. Space wise the place is spacious enough but there isn't much space for a big group for people. Like any other coffee shop, you order at the bar and then a waiter/waitress will bring your order to your table. Price wise it's not expensive for me, if any, it's cheaper than most coffee shops here in Bandung.

I ordered Taro Latte (28k). Love it!
I would recommend their Nutelachino tho.

Yummy brownies (18k) with ice cream.
I had a pleasant visit and will definitely come back when I'm in Bogor for their Nutelachino!

Popolo Coffee
Jalan Loader no. 9, Pajajaran
Open from 10 AM to 9 PM
Check out their Popolo Coffee FB page -> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Popolo-Coffee/843000132441912 to see their menu


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