Old Ben's Garage & Coffee Bandung

Phew! I'm finally posting about Old Ben's Bandung! Sponsored posts are lining up so I thought I just sneak this in :)

Visited this place two weeks ago with my lava and had a pleasant time. Industrial theme no longer bother me perhaps because it has become too much, my annoyed nerves shut down. Haha. Either way, I do think industrial theme and coffee shops are a good match tho. I mean, can't you see how pretty the coffee looks like with the wooden table background?

Anyway, place is not that big and it is indeed located in a renovated garage. Their coffee is fine but I prefer Two Hands Full's one. Perhaps because its sweeter there. Lord knows I do not EVER drink bitter cofffee. I do however will come back again just for their Acai Berry Bowl. So good! They also serves savory/breakfast menus.

Acai Berry Bowl

Croque Monsieur

Old Ben's Garage and Coffee
Jalan Prof. Dr. Sutami no. 23, Bandung
(after 20Fit Sutami, just keep going straight, it's on your right just before the right turn of the road)
Operational hour : 08.00-22.00
Check out their pretty ig posts : @oldbens


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