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Feeling a little bit polkadot last weekend and here's the outfit I came up with! Took these photos at Old Bens, a new coffee shop near my house. Will post about the place on the next post.

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Anyway, I got a few emails the past couple of months and it's always started with "do you accept sponsored post?"

The answer is YES! 

Of course you can get a better post with a few extra dollars like these two stores :

As long as your store/blog/event is fashion/food/travel related, I'd be more than happy to write you a sponsored post. There is also ad space available at the bottom of my page and the fee starts at $30 per month. Which means only $1 per day!  Over the past two years my blog have had a steady pageviews of 200 pageviews per day which means your ad will be seen for at least 6000 times a month!

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