Rockabilly Inspired Bridal Shower

Two weeks ago, me and a bunch of friends threw a bridal shower for my big sis. She really like this girl on instagram that has rockabilly style so we decided around that theme! This is probably my favorite decor so far. I absolutely love the red and black contrast. Naturally, I wore red and black that day. Oh, and all the girls wear red lips!

My favorite part of this decor is the gramophone discs!
 Is that what it's called? I don't know for sure. 
But still, it's super cute!

I wore lace top from Emily Clothing and skirt by Lollistory. Heels is from Bellagio.

I have so many weddings coming up this year. I am excited and dizzy at the same time. 
I don't know what to wear???

Thankfully, there are modest prom dresses that can actually be worn for weddings! Just choose the ones that has less frills and sequins. I really like the one in the modest prom dresses category. Most of them won't look too prom-queen-esque! Go to We Prom Dress for more options ;)


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