Phillip Lim for Target Yellow Bag

So this one is not from Target but it looks just like one! We have no Target here in Indonesia so you can guess how excited I was when I found one super similar on a local webstore. Besides the shape of the zipper and the Phillip Lim x Target writing on the zipper, you really can't tell.  I absoutely love the design-wise that resembles a lot like a mini pashli (planning to get one this May!). I was considering the taupe because the black is way too dark to see all the details but I thought... it's a nice affordable bag.. why don't I get it in a fun color? The store has red (more like a bright salmon red) and yellow. Now, I am not a fan of the red one, hence, I ended up with the yellow!

I am thinking about getting the taupe one.. What do you think? Should I? I think it'll be a great travelling bag.. Hmm..

peplum top & necklace - instagram @helostrangers ||
black pants - Factor, wedges - Staccato, 
leather watch - David Wellington, yellow bag - Cloxvox


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