Cottonwood Bandung

Visited a cute little place near my house called Cottonwood in my lovely Bandung city. There's a bed and breakast too there but we didn't see the rooms, just a simple brunch with friends :)
I would definitely recommend this place. Everything we ordered tastes good and the price is just right! Not too expensive, just how we like it.

crop top - LeGrande Design, skorts - Look Boutique, Mini 2Jours bag - Fendi
watch - Michael Kors, studded wedges - Geox

Decoration is homey with quaint accesories everywhere. I do love the chalkboard writing effect on the black walls. I have a soft spot for anything DIY. Clearly, I love their menus! So practical.The place is small tho. I don't think it can hold more than 30 people. Another thing I love is the books! There are books here and there for all kind of ages. As you can see, I choose the one that fits exactly to my 26 yo self. Oh, I heard that people can do pre-wed photoshoots here. There was one family doing a photoshoot there when we were walking out.

My cappuccino tastes pretty good. I do prefer it to be a little bit thicker but taste-wise, it was a decent cup of cappuccino. Next to my coffee is lasagna (38k) ordered by my sister. This one is also tastes good! My friend ordered Zesty Sliders (two mini burgers with fries for 45k). I didn't try it but my friend confirmed it's a good dish. Another friend ordered rice-based meal.. I think it was Sop Buntut/Sop Iga (48k) and her boyfriend ordered Full Platter (omelette, sausage, potatoes, toast, and salad for 45k). They both seem pretty happy with their meal.. Not sure if it's good cause I didn't try it.

Well I hope everyone is having a great week!

Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast
Open 7AM – 9PM everyday
Jalan Mustang B2-1A Kumala Garden, Bandung
+6285101191234, +6281223045481
Instagram : @cottonwoodbnb


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