Never Waste a Waist

peplum jacket - c/o Yoins // white pants - Bangkok
heels - Zara // mini antigona bag - Givenchy

One of my fashion rule is to never waste a waist. Granted, sometimes it's so much easier to wear loose-fitting outfit but when you show off your waist, you'll look instantly slimmer! This peplum jacket really shows off the waist area which is for me, the smallest part of my body; thus creating a slimmer silhouette. 
I am also a fan of peplum! I find them to be a fun piece of outfit to create more dimension. Needless to say, I am majorly in love with my peplum jacket. I'll be sure to wear this over and over again for this rainy season.. Thank you, Yoins :) They are having a clearance stock sale, go visit them now! Visit Yoins

Wishing everyone a greay day!


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