Prom Times

I never had a prom because when I was in highschool, there's no such thing as prom here in Indonesia. However, in the past three years (I graduated from highschool ten years ago) prom has been quite common among Indonesian highschool. So eventho I wouldn't attend any more prom nights, sometimes I imagine what I would've wear if I had the chance :)
Here listed are my top three choices from

This is my first choice because the details at the collar is just divine. I also love the sparkly details on the waist. You can choose the color, of course, but I do love this one in navy blue. Here is the direct link to this dress -> Bateu Sleeves Long Dress

The tiffany blue number is so close coming to the first place just because I have been loving tiffany blue lately. Also, the sleeve detailing is perfect for me who is insecure with my upper arms area. You can custome made your size too! Here is the link to the dress -> Sweetheart Floor Length
The first two dresses are from Long Prom Dresses Category

I am not a big fan of pink so if I were to ordered this dress, I'll choose blue or purple! I love the one sleeve detail and the beadings. Oh so delicate! Here is the direct link to the dress -> A Line One Shoulder Dress
This dress is from Cheap Prom Dresses Category.

My favorite part about Prom Times is that they listed the earliest arrival date. Very convenient! The wesbite also listed customer's experiences and all of them have been very appraisal about Prom Times. Especially their excellent customer service area. Oh, they also provide bridesmaid dresses

Well, I hope everybody is having a productive Monday! :)


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