Vintage Christmas Outfit

vintage blouse - thrifted // culottes - Helo Strangers
mini antigona bag - Givenchy // sandals - Vincci // watch - Daniel Wellington

Do excuse the lack of post. It might be the rainy season that has made me so lazy. It also might be my little newborn nephew is too cute, he distracts me whenever I have a free time. And maybe, it's just life ;)
Finally had a chance to wear my thrifted red top (can you believe it costs me only US$2?) I got from Bangkok. Was going to pair it with my green skirt but again, I was too lazy to navigate my way with a skirt. LOL. A culotte has been my go to bottom choice these days. They are just so practical not to mention tres chic. 
Well, wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. people told me I look super Christmas-y.. Can you blame me? It's the most wonderful time of the year! So there it is, a vintage Christmas outfit.

My favorites : Chai Latte and truffle fries at Two Hands Full 


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