Do & Don't About Mask

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I’ve been off blogging over a week. I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated but I’m back for now. In this blog post I want to raise awareness on the do and dont about mask.

1. Don’t wear medical mask unless.. 
you’re a medical worker, tested positive or having symptoms, work closely with patients (or work in a hospital). If you are a healthy individual, use fabric mask when going out. 
Not only it’s more environmentally friendly, it helps medical worker have more accessible medical mask that they truly need. An ideal non-medical mask is 3 plys. With the outer being water-proof and the inside ply is water-absorbing. If you only have 2 plys, you can insert a tissue inside to act as a filter.

2. Do avoid touching your mask to minimize contamination. 
Remember to wash your hand before and after touching your mask. When putting on and taking off mask, only touch the ear loop string.

3. Do change your mask regularly.

There are plenty suggestion on how many hours you can wear a mask. But in general, it’s safe to change your mask everyday. It will be safer to change your mask whenever it’s wet. When we’re breathing, there’s some air droplets that get caught in the mask. Which is why your mask can get wet. Change it as soon as your mask feels damp.

4. Do handwash your mask. 

Your mask might not feel damp at the end of the day; but you should definitely change to another mask for the next day. You can wash your mask with hot water and soap. Doctors recommend to use hot water to disinfect and then you can wash your mask with soap.

5. Don’t wear a loose mask. 

Try to find a mask that fits you well. If it’s too big and there are big gaps on the side, you can try adjusting them using bobby pins to make them fit better.

6. Do have a mask case. 

It doesn’t have to be a fancy one. A resealable plastic bag will do the trick. It helps keeping your mask from contamination, especially if you need to take it off for eating.

7. Do cover your nose and mouth. 

You cover your nose to protect yourself and you cover your mouth to protect others.

Remember, just because you’re wearing mask; you’re not immune from COVID-19, make sure to maintain a safe distance from other people and wash your hand regularly. Together, we can get through this pandemic.

I do hope the mask series blog posts have been useful. I posted about 7 Fun Ways to Wear Your Mask and also Make Up Tips for Wearing Mask in the past month. 


  1. These are great tips that we all have to put in place. I need to buy more mask besides the yellow and white mack look really nice

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