7 Fun Ways to Wear Your Mask

Breaking news! The must have accessory this summer : non-medical mask. Not only you're doing your part to stop this pandemic, it can be very stylish too. I do highly recommend you to use non-medical mask that you can wear more than once. Not only it's cheaper, it's more environmentally friendly and supports your local stores. Anyway, without further ado, here are 7 fun ways to wear your mask.

1. Match your mask with your headband

2. Add a patch

I think this is one of the most fun way to wear your mask.
You can add any patch that you like and all age can do this.
I saw a few people use an initial patches and thought it looked cute!
3. Wear a fancy one

If you're crafty, you can do your own embroidery on your mask. If you're not, plenty of it around. I also love the pearly and lacey ones. So fancy.

4. Wear fun eyeshadow

If you love make up like I do, you can match your eyeshadow to your mask to create a cohesive look. For this eye make up, I use ColourPop Fem Rosa Karrueche palette.

5. Wear a printed one that matches your top

Gingham, stripes, polkadots, are easy to match. 
Florals can be tricky but it can works as long as the colors and the shapes are similar.
6. Match your printed mask with your accessory

7. Wear a matching color with your hat

Are bucket hats still in? LOL. I just thought this hat and mask combo looks cute tho.
Obviously you can use any hat that you own but I think plain masks look better with more sporty hats.
A little tip, you can use hairpin to make your mask fits better on your face.

I hope you enjoy this post and have a great week ahead.


  1. such lovely ways to wear a mask! you wrote a complete guide! thank you for sharing


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