How to Have a Chic Neutral Summer

Hi, guys!
As much as I love colors, there's just something very chic about neutral colors. Not only it's timeless, with the right shade, it can also be flattering. Here I will be sharing with you a few tips on how to have a chic neutral summer this year.

Neutral colors are categorized as colors that you can find in nature. For summer, I would suggest you to gravitate towards white, beige or even light brown, and green. Even tho it's called neutral colors, the rule of warm and cool color still stands. So if you have warm skintone, you'll look better with warm tone neutral colors. This is important since the wrong tone can washes you out. You can google all about skin tone online.

Now that we have our color palette, it's important to keep in mind that since there's no bright vibrant color that will add interest, you need to have some texture as to make your outfit more deliberate and less "I just put this on whatever". Eyelet and lace are a good example and it looks great on white blouses. This type of fabric will give you more sophistication than say; a plain white tee.

Next tip is : don't be afraid of prints. If lace is not your thing, you can add chic points to your outfit with prints, of course in neutral colors. Gingham is a classic and will be the better investment in the future. While my tile-print top is not as timeless, it successfully make my outfit more interesting.

If the talk of skin tone confuses you, the easy way to make sure you don't look washed out in neutral colored outfit, is to wear some blush and lipstick. I'd suggest peachy tone with a my-lip-but-better shade. I love MAC Kinda Sexy but for more pop of color, Maybelline in Make Me Blush is a good one. For blush, you can never go wrong with a Benefit mix of Dandelion and Coralista (one brush dip of dandelion and one brush dip of coralista then apply to your cheeks)

Last tip but surely not the least; accessorize. A boater hat and a white matte headband are my go-to-accessories to make my outfit look more deliberate and more put together. Bold earrings works too. As well as sunnies. I do encourage you to keep your accessories colors neutral to achieve that chic neutral summer look.

Well I do hope this post was helpful. Wishing everyone a great summer ahead.


  1. Hi. Where's you buy your white top? Thankyou

  2. Thanks to the author for sharing, I like the white top.

    These costumes remind me of summer, and I want to go to the beach too much. Last week I have prepared sexy bathing suits.


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