3 Home Photoshoot Ideas with a Picnic Mat

Hi, guys! 
Today's post is going to be some home photoshoot ideas with a picnic mat. I have always love a red gingham printed picnic mat. It's a classic and it just reminds you of a bright sunny day in the summer. 
While I know we are entering the new normal, I think I'm gonna stick to at home photoshoot for another month or two since the mask can really distract you from the outfit. But I'm confident that we, resilient human, will adjust accordingly to the new normal and soon enough your mask will be a part of your outfit. I'm already thinking of buying plain colored masks to match with my top. 
But anyway, without further ado, here are 3 home photoshoot ideas with a picnic mat.

For this shoot you will need some grass. I do have these fake grass carpet and I simply asked my husband to shoot from above (your photographer might need a chair). We tried taking a few shots on the ground but the background wasn't ideal and I did my best to edit it but I don't quite like it. I'd say, bird eye view is the best option.
Now obviously, you can use any grass you can find at your home. Or if you live in an apartment, you can buy the fake grass carpet. They're not expensive and you can choose how large you want it to be. I'd say for a full body shot you'll need at least 2x2meters.

After editing the background.


For this second photoshoot you will need a portable background stand. There are plenty online and it's not too expensive, but it's definitely not cheap either. However, if you're like me and like to take blog/IG pics at home, it's not a bad investment really. In this last two months alone, I've used it a few times already.
So just set your picnic mat like you can see above and add your own props. My picnic basket is really old (almost as old as this blog) and held up itself pretty well. Flower vase, chopping board, and fruits are really easy to find and you are most likely already have those at home.

Here is a close up version.

This is the not-so-close-up version. I actually prefer this one and you can easily crop unwanted areas.

After cropping.



Last one, you can actually take pics between the picnic mat itself. Mine is not coated with plastic at the bottom (which is not very practical for an actual picnic) and more cloth-like so it's easy to drape it over the stand. I surprisingly like how these pics turned out.

I do hope you enjoy this post and wishing you a happy Monday.


  1. really cool ideas. thanks for sharing these. also, you look amazing as usual :)

    xoxo, rae



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