Summer Lookbook 2020

Hi, guys!
How are you doing these days? Can't believe it's been over 2 months of staying at home and doing our part to flatten the curve. Without you knowing, summer is just around the corner. For summer, I always gravitate towards bright high saturated colors so this year's Summer Lookbook 2020 is a colorful one. 

I think yellow is one of the happiest color and it's known to lift up someone's mood when you're wearing this shade. Yellow is the most intense color of the spectrum so I toned down my yellow top with a denim skirt.

Red is a great color for summer since it correlates with energy and confidence. If red is not really your go-to-color, try one in a skirt and pair it with a white tee for an easy breezy summer look. Or you can start small with a red sunnies and a red lip, it compliments an all white outfit beautifully.

Green is having a moment this year. Personally, it's not my go-to-color but I do have to say a mint green and white combo gives a very fresh look to your complexion. Pair this combo with lots of brown accessories to ground it's soft shades.

While pastels are more commonly associated with spring, it actually looks fabulous for summer as well. Pastels pairs well with white or beige. I personally prefer pastels with white for summer time, it's such a fresh combination.

Orange is one of the color that can make you look younger since it's associated with youth and vitality. I don't have a lot of orange since it's a difficult color to pair with anything other than brown or white, but it's the perfect color to wear in the summer. 

I do hope you enjoy this lookbook. Hopefully we can enjoy parts of our summer out and about soon. Have a good day, all.


  1. omg totally love all of these looks especially number 1. did you shoot this at home?

    style frontier


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