Summer Bag Selection

Hi, guys!
Despite the pandemic, time doesn't stop for us and summer is fast approaching. I always rotate my bags and it's always fun when you pull out bags that you've forgotten about. It's like you purchased  a brand new bag. Case in point, I completely forgot about my purple and cherry bag! Anyway, without further ado, here are my summer bag selection for 2020.

Rattan Bag

Is it really summer without rattan bags? I personally love rattan and straw bags since it's durable, classic, and yet very current. It looks great with all casual outfits, from neutral tone to a colorful outfit. I own two and I feel like that's plenty. I'd say if you have just one, you are all set for summer.

Bright-Colored Bag

Any bag with high saturation color is a fun one to have in the summer. If you prefer whites for summer, a bright-colored bag will inject a fresh summery feel to your outfit. During summer I'm usually drawn to colorful outfits so color-coordinating with a bag can give a pleasant effect to your eyes. My yellow bag is pretty recent and I love how saturated the yellow color is, it makes you want to drink a lemonade. The purple one might need a little more tinkering but when in doubt, pair it with white.

Novelty Bag

Novetly bag can be challenging to style but it's a good one to have in hand to inject some whimsy to your outfit. This cherry beaded bag is custom made and I styled it with a yellow top and a red skirt last year and I do like how it turned out. I wore it again once with a red maxi dress; love that one too. There are a few novelty bag you can choose for your summer : animal shapes can be fun altho it might feel a bit childish (for me); Kate Spade usually does wonderful job at creating novelty bags that is not too kindergarten-y. I love their fruit-shaped bags, especially the bejeweled lemon one; so cute but the structure and all that bling gives a grown-up feel to it.

Evening Bag

I was going to stop at novelty bag, but since I hope by June/July we will start having more social functions, it might be wise to include one evening bag. Your evening bag should be neutral in color (beige or white for summer, IMO), not too big (or too small), and chain straps will give your bag a more formal look. My bag is such a staple, I wear it all year long. One of the best purchase I did in a while. 

I do hope this post is useful. I had fun shooting all the bags. And I know summer is still one month away, but I have high hope that we will spend our summer outside. Have a great day, all. 


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