Dressing for Your Age

Hi, guys!
When I turned 29, I started thinking more about the way I dress. Is it age-appropriate?  Do I look like I'm trying too hard?
I also think of questions like "does it age me?" "does this all black outfit make me look dull and old?" when I put on my outfit. 
What does it means dressing for your age?

Age appropriate dressing is an almost impossible topic to discuss without unintentionally offending someone's feeling. While it's perfectly normal wanting to look your best, it's also weird how negative society reaction is towards aging. 
On one side, I believe aging is a privilege, and like the Bible said, "Gray hair is a crown of glory." - Psalm 16 : 31. Not everyone gets to live long enough to have gray hair. On the other side, I also wear all kinds of anti-aging skin care and proceed to have questions like I mentioned in the first paragraph. I guess those both sides are needed to create a balanced outlook in life and fashion.

Carolina Herrera once said in an interview "Nothing makes a woman look older than dressing as if she were younger."

While I do believe age is just a number, there is a fine line between dressing in a way that make you look younger and dressing as if you were younger. For example, white and bright colors that complements your skin tone will always make you look younger, but I think fishnet stocking at my age (31) is way too much.

Ten years ago, I feel perfectly at home with t-shirt and denims shorts. I would wear them out and about without a worry in the world. But now, I would feel uncomfortable and underdressed. I just don't feel the same wearing them as I did, which could be down to a shift in trend, or age. 
Age appropriate dressing might not seem relevant for millennial, but for many women, like me, an internal shift does take place; not just in taste, but in lifestyle, ambition, and how we want the world to see us. 
Not to mention, the clothes you wear will make you carry yourself differently. I know for a fact that I feel more relaxed in a pajamas, and I feel more in charge, more confident, with a crisp white shirt.
I suppose dressing for your age means dressing to be the best version of yourself. How you dress helps tell the world who you are and what you value. 

These books has plenty of fashion-insights for you. Highly recommend you to read.

With that conclusion, here are my guide for looking your best at any age.
  1. Dress for your body type. Pay attention on how your clothes fit. Because our bodies change with age, it's important to acknowledge that change and adjust accordingly. It is vital to understand the shapes, silhouettes, and colors that work best and how they evolve over time.
  2. Pay attention to the occasion. Like everything under the sun, I believe there's a time and place for every outfit. What you wear at home will most likely not appropriate for work. And what you wear to a gala event, might be too much for a family dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  3. Quality over quantity. With age comes a level of sophistication, so avoid youth-focused trends and stores. Zara is good place for trendy yet chic item. H&M caters to almost all age. While Forever21 targets teenagers. Focus on composing a balanced and proportionate look that is current and highlight your favorite features.
  4. Be playful with accessories. While I do believe it's best to still stick to classic items for shoes and bags, I think you can go bold with hats, scarves, sunglasses, earrings, and necklaces.
  5. It helps to have style idols that are your age and have similar taste. For me, it's Kate Middleton (38), Jean Wang (33), and Julia from GalMeetsGlam (29). All three emulates elegant and feminine style that reflect their personality without seeming like they're trying too hard. Other 30-something that has great style : Alexa Chung, Jenny Walton, Wendy Nguyen, Chriselle Lim, and Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific. 
I do hope this post shed some new lights on how you approach that "dressing for your age" question. Have a great day, all.


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