Tips For The Solo Traveller Heading To Byron Bay


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If you are looking to pack up and go on a solo adventure, Byron Bay is an excellent choice of place to visit and is very accommodating for people traveling alone. Getting outside of your comfort zone by traveling solo is a perfect way to grow and develop as a person, and you will meet fantastic people along the way. If you are heading to Byron Bay soon and want to prepare for your tip, here are some tips for the solo traveller.

Getting to Byron Bay

Byron Bay is the most easterly part of Australia, and there are many ways you can get there when you are traveling solo. Driving is an excellent option if you have this open to you, but if you have a tight budget you can also use public transport.
There are three options available to you if you want fly there, which are : 

  • Ballina Airport - a fifteen minute away from Byron Bay
  • Gold Coast Airport - the transfer time from this airport will take about 45 minutes
  • Brisbane Airport - choosing this option will leave you with 2-3 hours drive away from Bryon Bay

You can research your preferred method of transport easily by using the internet, and even book any transfers or taxis to pick you up.

Choosing Your Transportation

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Whether you are looking for a luxurious hotel, a cheap hostel, or choose Byron Bay apartments at The Crest, this favorite holiday destination has a multitude of options available to you. There are lots of excellent places to stay for both group and solo traveller. You can make some fantastic friends with the like-minded travellers, which may mean your solo trip can turn into a group one after all.

What To Do In Byron Bay

One of the best things about solo travel is that you can decide to do what you want, when you want, without having to worry about other people. No matter what you like to do on holiday, you will find abundance when you travel to Byron Bay. You can enjoy the beach, the pool, go wildlife spotting, or relax and take in the scenery. There are many excursions that you can enjoy, although many of these will be in a group, so you may not be able to do as much by yourself as you want.

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There is also plenty nightlife available when you visit Byron Bay, and you will be able to find of places where you can sit and relax with a cold drink, or party till the small hours. Establishment such as Cheeky Monkeys will even give guests staying in some of the hostels a $5 discount, and it is an excellent place to start your evening.

If you do some research and planning you can plan the prefect solo trip to Byron Bay and help to ensure that you have a fantastic trip while making memories that will last you for a lifetime.  Get out of your comfort zone and try going on a solo adventure, and you could find a new lease for life which you have been looking.


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