Embroidered Cardigan for Fall


Hi, guys.
I'm (sort of) back. This time I want to put a highlight on embroidered cardigan. Granted, this trend peaked last spring but I think it's still very much wearable especially for layering in the colder weather. Needless to say, I love anything grandma-esque; from vintage dresses, silk scarf, and the coziest of them all, cardigans. 
Cardigans are a favorite lately for the fashionista since it offers a wide options for styling. From your usual outer, to just wear cardigan as a top, or even over the shoulder for the cool girl vibe. Or you can wear it like the french, as a top with a few buttons unbuttoned. Tres chic.

The color of my cardigan is definitely more spring and I really don't mind tho. 
Spring is my favorite season after all.

For a more vintage look, pair your favorite cardigan with your circle midi skirt.


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