5 Engagement Ring Designs That Are Christmas-Themed

With Christmas only a matter of weeks away, those who are planning a festive engagement would likely be looking for a suitable diamond engagement ring design, which is perfectly in keeping with the time of the year. Here are few designs that we recommend, as they are keeping with the festival of Christmas.

Image Source : Pixabay

  1. The 5 Days of Christmas - You might be wondering how this concept can be worked into a diamond engagement ring design, well wonder no more, as this design incorporated 5 thin bands of platinum, with a solitaire white diamond to crown the piece. There are many variations that can come into play with this design, depending entirely on you and a chat with the custom jeweller will lead to a finished design, while the jeweller can source the loose stones to your specifications.
  2. The Sparkling Snowflake - If you searched the best custom engagement rings Melbourne has to offer, you would probably found a snowflake diamond ring, or better still, have the ring designed and handcrafted by a leading custom jeweller. Of course you should use white diamonds, with perhaps a large central stone and there are several ways you can create that snowflake shape.
  3. Rubies and Emeralds - The Christmas colors are red and green, so this would be an ideal design, with perhaps one of each either side a central white diamond, or have the two stones in an interlocking setting, which would signify the union. You could go large with both stones, as they are much cheaper than diamonds and the sparkle would be stunning. 
  4. The Star of Christmas - A custom jeweller can show you many ways to create a star pattern, using white diamonds, of course, and when you approach a custom jeweller, they use 3D computer applications to help with the design. One thing to note with this design is to avoid having sharp edges that could catch on clothing or fabric, and by mentioning this to the jeweller, you can be sure the issue will not emerge. If you are wondering where is the best place to buy pink diamonds in Australia, or in the country you are residing, the custom jeweller can acquire the stones at trade prices.
  5. The Xmas Tree Design - This is possible using tiny green emeralds and red rubies, with a platinum setting and a tiny diamond on top of the tree. Just how much detail you want can be something to talk with the designer about, and they are very creative and artistic. Everytime she looks at the ring, she will remember that perfect Xmas when you went down on one knee and proposed next to the tree.
Image Source : Unsplash

It is a great idea to design a Christmas style diamond engagement ring if you are planning to pop the question over the festive season and you could even hang the ring from the Xmas tree, and no one will be any wiser if you take it off and pop that magical question.


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