Let's Thrift


Hi, guys.
I have been thrifting since 2010 and I stopped for a while but this year I'm starting to rediscover my love for thrifting. This brown dress is one of my recent thrift find. It's always a surprise as what you will get during thrifting. I do all my thrifting online (I will list some IG store at the end of this post) so I can't really touch the fabric so it's always a fun surprise when I got an item that has better fabric than I thought it would be.

To be completely honest, I started thrifting because the style of the items itself. I do love vintage pieces and find that older silhouette fits my body and my style better. A few of my fave thrifted item is this blazer, this vintage dress, and this red skirt. I supposed my style has evolved and I'm not as vintage as I used to but I do still enjoy thrifting. 

Some benefits of thrifting are :
1. You can save money while enjoying a "new" item in your closet.
2. Thrifting trains your fashion skill since most of them need re-styling or even cutting the hem a little bit so it will fit better to your body. 
3. It's good for the environment. I'm no saint and I still buy fast fashion but it's a good idea to help a little bit, isn't it? By re-using preloved items, you are reducing your carbon footprint. And when you're bored with your thrifted item, you can donate them again without having a hard time to part since said item didn't cost you a ton of money.
4. You'll have a unique wardrobe. With thrifting, you'll naturally will have items that nobody else own, hence, creating a one-of-a-kind style. And since most items costs less, you'll be able to shop pieces that you'll never try before. Expanding your own personal style.
5. It's kind of like a treasure hunt. You'll just never know what kind of items that will be available. And even after purchasing, I'll never really know if I will love it or not. Sometimes it's a hit (like this dress). Sometimes it's not (like one of the blouse didn't really fit right). But since I don't spend that much money, I really don't mind if it doesn't fit me well. I'll just donate it again or even sometime re-sell it.

I do have to say that there are some downsize to thrift. 
1. The clothes smell. Even after a few wash, you still have that old smell.
2. Sometimes you'll find loose vintage button and can't find a replacement for it so you'll have to replace all of the buttons.
3. Revamping your clothes sometimes failed and you'll end up with a broken item.

But with that being said, I would like to encourage all of you to try thrifting your clothes. I visited a few thrift stores in Melbourne and even one in Liverpool. It's always fun to look through the racks. 
You can also thrift everything else, basically. I thrifted a pair of loafers once and I still have it at my mom's house. Some of the stores that I like on instagram are @shabbypinksore , @youhoney.id . and @gadadua . 
I actually got this dress from youhoney. 

Have you thrifted before? What have been your experience with thrifting?


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