Lilac Knitwear for Fall 2020

Hi, guys.
One of the trend I see a lot this fall is lilac knitwear. Actually, all kind of pastel colors knitwear is a hit this fall 2020 but lilac seems to be leading the team. I suppose this lilac mania will continue until the end of the year. 
I also saw a lot of people paired their lilac with black. While I think black is neutral, the contrast seems a bit harsh. Therefore, I encourage you to pair your lilac with browns. And if you dare, pair it with green or even maroon. My t-shirt is kinda of like a faded mint color and it surprisingly works well with the lilac.  

While I was tempted to purchase a lilac sweater, the cardigan option seems more wearable. And with the weather that is hot and cold lately, it's certainly wiser to choose cardigan as it's easier to put on and take off.

Are you still having the lilac fever? While purple used to be my favorite color, I'm itching to start wearing my reds and greens for the holiday. Maybe all the Christmas decorations at home is rubbing off. Ah, so excited for Christmas! Have a great day, all.


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