Sweater Vest Trend


Hi, guys.

Fall is coming to end but I still want to talk about the sweater vest trend. It's a very grandpa style and I'm not complaining. The sweater vest trend is also a little bit light academia style, isn't it? While I'm not well versed in the dark vs light academia style, I do love this sweater vest trend. 

If you prefer girly styles, a more fitted sweater will give your outfit a more vintage vibe and less grandpa-ish.  I also find it more flattering if your vest is slightly cropped and you paired it with a high waisted bottom.

Or if you prefer a more classic style, you can always pair your sweater vest with your favorite shirt to create an academia style. For a more grandpa vibe, you can pair your outfit with loafers.

Do you like this sweater vest trend? 
It's a fairly easy trend to try this fall and most of the sweater vests are not as expensive as a real sweater. 
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Happy weekend, all.


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