Tips for Decorating Your Home This Christmas


Hi, guys.
It is officially December which means Christmas is coming to town real soon. Although 2020 has been a tough year, I still do feel excited for Christmas. Even more than last year, I guess.
It is my 3rd year decorating my home so I thought I could give some tips for decorating your home this Christmas. Without further ado, here are some tips for decorating your home this Christmas. 

1. Choose your theme colors.
Since I live in a tropical country, I mostly associate Christmas with red and green so those are my chosen theme colors. If you want a winter wonderland, that could also work. Your tree can be a starting point. My ornaments are all in red or green; and I also add gold as accents. 
For a white tree, choose cool color ornaments like blue, purple, and silver. For a green tree, you can choose any ornaments that you like.

2. You don't have to buy it all in one go. Accumulate things as you go. Stick to your theme colors so everything will come together every year. Also, don't feel pressured to decorate every inch of your home. I leave 2nd floor mostly empty except for some trinkets at our drawer on the foyer.

The one and only decorated area on 2nd floor.

3. Focus your decoration in an area where a lot of people can see and where you spend most of your time. For me that means the living room. If possible, place your tree in a corner and not in a high traffic area.

4. Fill the front area of your Christmas tree and don't stress too much about the back area. This will help you save some money on ornaments.

5. For the tree skirt, I use a round carpet and cut a hole in the middle. I found this to be a cheaper option than actually buying a Christmas tree skirt. You can also use blankets which is functional all year round.

6. Use fake presents in your theme chosen theme colors. If you like use fake tree as well. It's practical and lasts for a good amount of time which saves money in the long run. If you do use fake trees, make sure to 'bloom' your tree. Spread the branches on different direction to make it looks like a blooming flower, or a star I guess.

7. DIY when you can. This wreath is actually a small 40cm hula hoop wrapped in 2 one meter slinger. The painting is also homemade. The' T'is The Season' on pic no 5 (in the silver frame) is also something I just printed and switch the photo inside with the printed Christmas tree. I also did that with the 'O come let us adore him' sign on my kitchen shelf. 

8. Slingers seriously exudes that Christmas cheer (like these 3 pics shown below) and it's really affordable when it's not decorated. Buy your own ornaments to decorate your slinger. I find that to be more budget friendly.

9. Use twinkling lights and candle tea light. They add that Christmas cheers as well. Don't turn it on too often though, since you'd want them to be bright on the days leading up to Christmas. Low battery causes your twinkling light to dim.

10. For coffee table, use trays to gather your trinkets so it doesn't look cluttered and the rest of the table can stay functional. Add a Christmas theme table runner to make your coffee table more festive.

And last but surely not the least, my tip for you is it's okay if you don't feel as festive. It's been a tough year for a lot of people all over the world. So don't feel pressured to get on a 'Christmas spirit'. And definitely don't feel pressured to buy expensive gifts or even any gift. You can DIY a lot of thing as a gift. It's the thought that counts anyway.

Wishing everyone a delightful month ahead.


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