Five Ways to Wear Bows This Holiday Season


Tie your look together with these elegant bows. From headband to shoes, it'll sure to make your outfit bowlicious. Here are five ways to wear bows this holiday season.

To avoid looking like a kindergartener, find your bows in luxurious fabric like sateen or velvet. Avoid colors that are too light/pastel and go for deeper richer color. 

I find headband to be the easiest to wear and it add jazz to your hair without even trying. I usually pair the color of my headband with my outfit but you can even use your bow headband as an accent color and go in a completely different direction. Red bow headband looks great with navy and black outfit as well.

A bow hairpin is also a great option to prettify your hair. It's also a cute way to keep your hair out of your face. And I always find it's a nice little detail that people will appreciate when you turn your back on someone.

A statement earring is a must when you're dressing up this holiday season. Why not wear your biggest pearly bow earrings? It sure serves great as a conversation starter. And I find white earrings frame your face really well, it just brightens up your face.

Bows on shoes are real fun too. 
Especially if it's super sized. 
The shoes just pops with a black and white outfit.

A bow on your coat can be really adorable as well. For this coat, I just look for my most plain coat and add fashion tape on my bow hairpin. Admittedly, I didn't wear this for a long time; so to be safe do bring extra fashion tape with you. 

Which one is your favorite way to wear bows this holiday season? 


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