Five Tips For Taking Better Photos of Yourself

Hi, guys!
It's been a while, isn't it? How are you? Are you staying home and doing your part to flatten the curve? I sure hope so.
With a lot of us staying at home and probably all alone, I want to share with you five tips for taking better photos of yourself.

1. Get yourself a tripod and if you own a camera, invest in a remote
I got my first tripod about 9 years ago and it was a sturdy one that can hold my Nikon D5000 weight. It was also quite long and therefore carrying it was a hassle. Not long after that I bought a remote for my Nikon. I would say those two are the best combo for you who don't have your own photographer. My tripod was a gift from my dad and I got the remote for about US$10. 
I misplaced my old tripod and then bought a cheaper version for about US$10. This one is shorter, more flimsy and definitely can't hold my heavy DSLR camera but it works fine with my mirrorless camera (I use Fuji X100T now). I also downloaded a Fuji app that works as a remote.
If you only have your phone, I would say still invest in a tripod. It's such a hassle free way to take photos wherever you want and you don't have to create your own tripod (I used to move a chair and stack books on top. Ah, the good old days). If you like taking pics on your own, a tripod will save your time and your sanity, I promise you.

2. Place a mirror behind your camera so you can see if you're in frame or not
I learned this trick when I shoot with my phone a few days ago. I was so used to having a screen mirrored on my phone from my camera that when I was shooting with my phone, I kept going out of the frame or I wasn't centered. Placing a mirror behind the tripod is an easy trick so you can make sure you're in frame all the time.
If you want to use your front camera on your phone, that's great; but needless to say you'll get better   quality using your main camera. 

3. Create a set up in a well-lit and traffic free area
Creating a set up can help to make your photos more interesting. It doesn't have to be fancy, even just adding a furry little mat can help liven up the space. Well-lit area is important since we don't have fancy lighting, do we? If possible, create your set up in front of a window. 
And if you live with a roommate or with your parents, you definitely need to find a traffic free area. Meaning the living room is probably not the best idea if your dad is always in front of the TV. I'd say bedroom is the most ideal. If your bedroom is too small, you can even take pics on your bed. Get creative with props too. I love fake flowers and balloons for quick and inexpensive props.

4. Make sure your outfit is contrasting with the background
It will be more pleasing to your viewer if your outfit has some contrast with your background. If you want to wear white in front of a white wall, make sure the rest of the outfit is not of the same color. It helps to make you pop so the audience know where to look right away.

5. Play with your poses
I really am not someone to lecture you on poses since I only have three poses in my whole ten years of blogging but flipping through magazine can really help. I gave some different type of poses in this post. Also take notes of other people's poses. If you're still not sure what to do, just keep moving around and set your camera on bursts. There bound to be one that look natural.

Well I sure hope this post is helpful. I also had a series of How To Improve Your OOTD Photos which you can check by clicking here, here, and here for all 3 parts.


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