Why Rabbits and Eggs for Easter?

Hi, guys!
Today’s topic is a bit delicate so I do want to thread this topic carefully. And I totally understand if it's too controversial or even too religious for you. Please feel free to skip this post. 

If you're a Christian since you're born (like me), at some point, you must have decorate eggs and saw rabbits decoration during Easter. While I'm sure we all know the reason for Easter is to celebrate the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ (which is all that matter really), I'm not sure all of us know why Easter is associated with rabbits and eggs.

The rabbit symbol is mostly influenced by pagan (people who worship more than one god). 
Rabbit is the symbol of Eostre (pagan goddess of spring and fertility). Why rabbit? Well, rabbit do reproduce in an astounding speed and able to produce several litters in a year. It is believed that this pagan symbol merged with Christian traditions in 17th century in Germany since they both celebrated in the beginning of spring.

Now this is the story on why kids decorate and hunt eggs on Easter. It was told that Eostre was passing through a forest on one winter day and found a bird dying in snow. Eostre turned the bird into a rabbit because they have warm fur and can find food more easily than an bird. And so our little bird is now a bunny and survived the winter. When the spring came, that rabbit started laying eggs because it was once a bird. Rabbit also decorated every egg and leave them laying around as a sign of gratitude for Eostre. Hence the Easter egg hunt. 

And again, since pagans celebrate Eostre around the same time as Easter and therefore the customs and traditions started mixing.

So there you have it. Rabbits and eggs are in general, a pagan tradition and therefore had nothing to do with Christianity. 

I have absolutely no objection about decorating with rabbits and doing Easter egg hunt. And I don't think I am a pagan just because I do those things. Since what define us as a Christian, is our relationship with God. 

I think rabbits and Easter eggs are a neat way to get little kids excited to celebrate Easter. But at the same time, we also must educate them that rabbits and eggs are not what Easter is all about. We have to make sure they know that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ who redeemed all our sins. 

I know I know, a lot of the more religious ones would say that "even by decorating with rabbits and eggs, you are participating in a pagan tradition". Well, what's with the Christmas tree? What's with decorating said Christmas tree? What's with gift giving during Christmas? What's with Santa Claus? I kid you not, those are also pagan traditions.

And I'm also aware that a lot of churches have stopped the rabbits decoration and egg hunting to celebrate Easter. As well as stopping Santa Claus and gift-giving in Christmas time.
I do understand where they come from. Jesus is the reason for the season after all and therefore those items are non-essential and I have zero objection about getting rid of them either. 

However as a human being, it is nice to have tradition. 
What's great about a tradition is that it gives human a sense of comfort, of belonging. It brings people together and enable them to reconnect.  

Wednesdate can be a tradition. Pizza night can be a tradition. Gift-giving on Christmas can be a tradition. Easter egg hunt can be a tradition. It doesn't have to mean anything. It's just that. A tradition. 

I do hope I don't offend anyone with this post. This is merely my opinion and you are not obligated to agree. Just remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend and stay home everyone.


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