How to Improve Your OOTD Photos : Part 2

Pose Like a Fashion Blogger

I don't like categorizing myself as a fashion blogger but they do looks ah-mazing in their outfit photos. I picked up a few tips from them and here I share my go-to poses.

(1)The Look Down
Looking directly at camera can look harsh sometimes. Soften it by looking down. Not to mention, it gives some “candid” illusion as well. You're chic and you know it and you just let the outfit do the talking. Plus point : it gives a v-shape face illusion.

(2)The Look Back
I rarely do this because it doesn't really showcase your outfit. But it's fun to break the routines and gives your audience something different. Note : perfect with poignant quotes.

(3)The Side Look
Face the camera then turn your body about 45 degree from the camera to enhance your face features (hello, jaws!). I do this pose all time because it really slims the body. Find your best side and stick to it. My best side is my left side so I turn slightly to the right.

(4)The Slow Walk
More like “about to walk” pose. You don't really move you just put one of your foot forward like you're about to walk. It's important to not really walk because you might turn out blur in the photo. Unless you're a bonafida worldwide blogger and street photographers are taking your photos, then by all means just walk. Plus point : slim the calf.

Me doing The Slow Walk and The Hand in Hair
(5)The Hand In Hair
I almost always do this pose lately because I don't know, it looks better than just left it hanging on the side. Sometimes you don't know what to do with your hands and leaving them on the side migh make your upper arms look bigger than it is. Hand in face pose is just a bit to pose-y for me. Although it does work on many people! Another tip : hold your bag with both hands to avoid awkward hand pose.

(6)The Casual Lean
Leaning elongates your legs and make your lower body looks longer than usual. Ask your photographer to slightly lower the camera than the usual eye-level and voila : lean long legs. Warning : taking photos from too low might makes your face puffy. Make sure to look up and to the side.

(7)The Courtesy Pose
I don't know many blogger who do this but I almost always use this pose when I'm wearing flare skirts or any kind of skirts that I can spread out. It's almost like those princesses trying to give a graceful courtesy for her King/Prince. I always look down for this pose somehow but always keep my feet facing forward so it doesn't look to princess-y.

The Courtesy Pose with The Look Down Pose

(8)The Ballerina
Standing on your tiptoe instanly make you look taller and it looks like you're wearing an invisible heels! 

I was wearing wedges but I unconsciously stand on my tiptoe!
(9)The CrissCross
Crossing your ankle slimmed down the entire body. I did a lot of them in photos of Part 1. Combining casual lean and crisscross on the photo below.

Last but not least, don't forget to smile and be confident! :)

Last part of How to Improve Your OOTD Photos will be a few tips on how to take your OOTD images to the next level.


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