The New Noah's Barn Bandung

Visited Noah's Barn in my beloved Bandung city a few weeks ago! The first Noah's Barn opened in 2012 located at Jalan Garuda (near my church!) and it took Bandung coffee-lovers by storm. The new one opened in the late 2014 located at Jalan Dayang Sumbi (right across Beehive, read my Beehive post here) and it is so much bigger than the ones at Jalan Garuda. I am definitely happy with so much more space and a more homey interior with plenty of woods and leather covered sofas.

 Nasi Goreng (35k)

It is very fulling. The fried chicken and the chicken satay does tastes good. However, the fried rice tastes very "instant". In the way the seasoning doesn't tastes like it was made from scratch. The taste is by no mean bad just not as expected. But this one is highly reccomended because of the price taste ratio.

Spaghetti Truffle Carbonara (55k)

I am a big fan of truffle-anything so I ended up really really really liking this one! It is a generous portion and I love everything in it. Definitely will order this one on my next visit.

For drinks, we ordered Creme Brulee (26k) and Machiato (18k).
Creme Brulee is good but my Machiato was a one shot drink and it was too strong for me. When requesting a milk to diffuse the strong caffeine, the man behind the bar (I guess he was one of the owner) was rather strong in defending his coffee (other than refusing to give me milk, saying that "you are used to Starbucks machiato? our coffee is Italian style, not American style"). I was a little startled but my friends convinced me that I was just being sensitive (his smile and voice-tone was so condescending tho!) so I just let it go. He did give me a cafe late for free (which was good but I purposely didn't finish because I don't want to look like I couldn't afford a new drink on my own) and told his barista to throw away my machiato. I still stand by my believe that I don't think people should talk to their customer like that. 

soft pink blazer - Mango, floral top - Emily Clothing, skorts - Lolliestories, 
wedges - Staccato, bag - Fendi 2Jours

But other than that my experience was good. Food came out fast as well as drinks. Service was okay. 
Included below is the menu.

Noah's Barn
Jalan Dayang Sumbi no. 2, Bandung. 40132
Open Monday to Sunday 8 AM to 11 PM


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