Tired Wings

The little birds
                 who dream of flight;
                                 who gaze into the starry night.

Their tired wings
            fold down and up
           they try their best
               but it is not enough.

Grounded by Lang Leav

I have been reading Lullabies by Lang Leav and this particular poem speak to me in terms of me and blogging. I have been considering to quit blogging altogether for the past months (since last December actually) because I feel like it's not as rewarding as it used to feel. I am on my fifth years of blogging this March and honestly, I don't think I have any tricks left in my sleeve. Not to mention how taking outfit photos now seems like a treacherous task for me these days with my tripod and remote. (this set of photos were from May 2014)

But as faith have it, sponsored posts keep coming up and God sent a cousin-in-law that told me she thinks it's so cool that I am a blogger because she sees a rise on them lately. Obviously, it does cheer up my outlook on blogging a little. My online store photos can also serves as a blog posts so I thought I'd just hold on for a few more months. At least until my blog ACTUALLY turns five.

Anyway I'm sorry for such a forlorn post! But I feel it's important to share, especially to anyone who want to start a blog, that this particular activity does require commitment. Blogging is not always fun and there are days even weeks when I feel I have no idea why I'm doing this. But as like any other bad or good things, this feeling too shall pass.

top and blazer - JessJess, skirt - made by order, sling bag - Coach
tattoo stockings - c/o Romwe, flats - Nine West


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