Old School

Happened to feel slightly old school the other day. To be honest, when do I don't feel old school? Hence, the overall feel when I'm editing the pictures lean towards vintage-y colors. Pardon.. I guess I'm contradicting myself. The tingling feel and rush when I stumble upon vintage dresses that can be so much more with just a few tweaks here and there is a curse. I cannot seem to escape them. Plus, they are so cheap and look so adorable I almost able to justify six other vintage dresses occupying my closet. One for each day of the week ;) 

Been a quite slow Sunday. Planning to finish Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie with chocolates and iced tea then perhaps.. a decent online shopping? As I received email notifications of July collections uploaded from some of my favorite stores. Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday!
And ignore my rambling below.. I just feel like I need to share it!

dress - thrifted, belt - Velvet, bag - Longchamp, shoes - HongKong, watch - Guess

This week Sunday music is Kelly Clarkson's Dark Side.

Everybody's got a dark side
Do you love me?
Can you love mine?
Nobody's a picture perfect
But we're worth it
You know that we're worth it
Will you love me?
Even with my dark side?

Oh how the truth rings and pinch you in gentle way. I always keep my dark side confined. Display only the part of me that everybody want to see. All my naughtiness and selfish passions, are folded up small and placed at the bottom, and on the top, beautifully aired, are spread out the prettier me, ready for me to put on. In my childish brain, I don't think people will like me when I show my true self. And how sad that thought is, don't you think? Cause that means I have zero to none of true friend. It's the trust issue-thing that I'm still working on. Wish me luck? 

Also, wishing you to have those people who love you just the way your beautiful self. Who ready to pick you up when you fall. Dust you off. Kiss you. Forgive you. Put up with you. Carry you. And never ceased to encourage you to be the best version of you. So while you're broken, one thing is true, you don't have to be alone.


  1. the dress looks vintage but pretty on you, and i don't know why, i'm fallin love with the flatshoes! :D


  2. Such an adorable outfit!! I love the Longchamp :)

  3. gadisku yang cantikkk !! muach muach.. loving the whole outfit:)

  4. hey! i was wondering. where do you usually thrift?? do u live in jakarta? i'm currently back in jakarta for holidays, but i find it so hard to find vintage goods besides from my grandmother's closet. can you give me tips??
    u look so lovely as usual :D

    xoxo, eliza

  5. u looks so sweet<3so vintage!
    anyway,i've followed urs,mind to followmeback:)


  6. I'm sincerely in love with your flats! I can't ever seem to pull off such a look without looking like I'm trying too hard but you do it so effortlessly =_= Haha.

    Thanks for sharing :D


  7. I like everything in this outfit! the cute belt and the shoes look so good together <3


  8. cute dress .. love that vintage dress .. ;-)

  9. lovely outfit, adorable as always

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  10. This is a beautiful dress, but I find it even more beautiful for you to share yourself on your blog. I love when bloggers do that! Don't worry--I think we all have those sides of us that we would prefer no one to know. This is especially true in the blog world. A lot of us only want to share the fun and entertaining sides of our lives. We don't like to talk about the times where we feel jealous or frustrated or mad or sad. And because no one really talks about it, we assume that bloggers live in a world of rainbows and parties and macaroons and pretty dresses. But in reality, we all have issues and we all have bad days. Keep your chin up sweetie!

  11. Love the pretty, soft print of this dress! Also, the collar!

    I love the shoes you styled it with :)



  12. Hi sweets. Your predicament is not yours alone. Every one among us feels a bit let down by the fact that we have to project this person who has to be perfect and successful at everything she does.

    But trust me, don't be afraid of embracing your true self, and someone will come along who loves you for who you are. And you don't really need a lot of true friends. just a handful is great. or even that one special friend.

  13. totally cute! you're so adorable :)


  14. nice look, i like the shoes and bag! <3


  15. love that longchamp bag! so cute and goes perfect with your dress ;)

    xo SideSmile,

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    Bandiez Couture Headband Giveaway

  16. you look really sweet! love your dress and your hair is really nice :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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