Arromanis Bandung

Visited another ice cream corner which is Arromanis in Bandung a few weekends ago. Despite the fact that I can't eat too much dairy product if I want to keep the rashes away, I couldn't help but to indulge every weekend. Coffee and ice cream are on my top list after a weekdays of healthy dairy-free diet. Arromanis has been around for a while but I only noticed this place a few months ago thanks to instagram. Their adorable sweets is very instagram worthy! This one is red velvet with marshmallow with Oreo festive cone. You can choose the festive cone too. They have milo, fruit loops, biscuits, etc. festive cones.

Place is small and not too cozy but it serves its purposes to allow people to sit and enjoy their ice cream fix. Arromanis also serves cupcakes and several sweet drinks. Make sure you share everything because you don't want to invite diabetes!

The cone is definitely the winner. I am not a fan of the ice cream because it's too sweet for me and I feel like I need to gulp down a bottle of water as soon as I finished the ice cream. I supposed people who like sweets (like my brother in law) will fall in love with their ice cream. 

Arromanis Corner
Jalan Wira Angun Angun no. 14 (near Baso Arief)
Phone 022-4234221
Tues - Sunday 12PM - 8PM
Instagram : @arromanis


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