Black and White Days

top & necklace - // pants - Factor
watch - Michael Michael Kors // sandal heels - Zara

I have been wearing more and more black and white these days and I couldn't help but to feel weird because I'm actually a big fan of color and prints. You can take a peek at my closet and you might be shocked to see the wide spectrum of colors that decorated my small closet. 

I do however think that it's just me evolving. I do believe people shouldn't limit their style. A vintage lover does not have to always wear vintage items and a Zen-simple-outfit-worshipper is allowed to wear something with color and prints. You should wear whatever you want. Because personally, I dress up for myself. So I can feel happy and confident in my outfit. Certainly not to impress other. 

Wishing everybody is having a great Monday!


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