Go Wireless

Hello, everyone.
I hope you don't mind with a little tech joke presented above. I do think that is quite funny and I thought it will be a nice opening for today's post. I am terrible at technology, I'm very not up to date with the realm of wireless and bluetooth. To this day, I still can't figure out how to use the bluetooth in my iPhone, that's just how inadequate I am about technology. 

Thankfully I came across dewired.co.uk ; a website where you can get all the scoop on the latest bluetooth and wireless products to make your life a little bit better. And with iPhone 7 launching their wireless earphone, it's the best time to go wireless. I just figured out there's a water resistant wireless bluetooth speaker. I mean, I always listen to music in the shower. Not only in the shower, you can definitely use it for a pool party as well! I pumped up my iPhone volume to max and still can only barely hear the song so I will most definitely check out TaoTronics for that.

Anyway, Dewired has vast informations for bluetooth and wifi products. They have six sections; home products, chargers, headphones, speakers, solar power, and peripherals; for easier navigation. Their website looks like the pic below so if you're looking into buying a wireless speaker, a wireless printer, or even a smart coffee machine that can wake you up with an alarm sent to your phone (that sounds awesome, by the way) do check out their website to acquaintance yourself with the product.


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