Oliver's Hostelry Bandung

Hello, everyone.
Visited Oliver's Hostelry in my beloved Bandung city a couple weeks ago. There weren't that much hype about this place but I noticed this place from my friend's instagram post and I thought the place looks cute, which is one of my main reason to visit any new cafe. As it turns out, this place, as the name suggest, is indeed a hostel. I believed they have around 12 rooms all with different themes and interior. More info about the room at their website olivershostelry.com since I didn't stay there, I'll just talk about their cafe.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (40k)

Orange Lychee (24k)

Sausage and Fried Fries (35k)

Hazelnut Latte (24k)

Overall we enjoyed our food, my sausages and fries were really good, I'd recommend it. My hazelnut latte was so so.. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. The pasta was really spicy, I do not like it but my boyfriend do. I do think the price (especially for the food) is very friendly for uni' students, which is smart, considering Universities Parahyangan is just a few meters away. 

Service was good. Our food came out fast enough since the place was empty except for us. Will I come back? Probably not.. I do have other restaurants near the area that I like better. But the place is cozy and kinda perfect for a me time with your books or just working on an assignment. Included below is Oliver's Hostelry menu.

Oliver's Hostelry
Address : Jalan Panumbang Jaya No.5 , Cidadap, Jawa Barat 40142, Indonesia (Cimbeleuit area)
Phone : +62 22 82065241
IG : @olivershostelry


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