ColourPop x Kathleen Lights in Alyssa, November, and Point Zero

Hi, guys!
I haven't dabble into beauty for a while so I thought I start again with ColourPop and a beauty vlogger, Kathleen Lights collaboration. If you don't know her, do visit her youtube channel here. She's funny and keep things real, I LOVE HER. I never missed a video of her (she updates three times a week). But anyway, she collaborated with ColourPop a couple times before and this is her latest collab; three ultra satin lip and one gel eyeliner. I didn't get the eyeliner because I'm not a fan of gel eyeliner, I found them to be very difficult to apply. However, I do love the colours of the ultra satin lip so I decided to get all three of them and they are Alyssa, November, and Point Zero. (watch Kathleen talks about her products here).

My favourite is definitely, hands down; Point Zero. It's a brown colour with cool undertone. I have warm undertone, but I really like how it looks on my lip. Very suitable for fall. 

Alyssa is my second favourite, it's described as dusty pink with neutral undertone, which reads almost like a nude mauve on me.. I'm not sure why the photo picks up the blue tone but.. it's actually more like a nude mauve, and I feel like this is the perfect everyday colour. I can wear it to work, I can wear it to social hangouts, or you know, anywhere else. 

The last colour; November; which is Kathleen's favourite, it's described as pink with a rosy tint. I do like this colour but it looks so similar to my OFRA's Laguna Beach; and I know they have different formula, but I like OFRA's formula better.

And yes, let's talk about the formula. 

If you're not familiar with ColourPop, they have a couple different formulas. There's lippie stix; matte, matte X, creme; and then there's Ultra Matte liquid lipstick as well as Ultra Satin liquid lipstick. I do like the formula, it's not drying at all, considering they don't dry matte, they dry satin.. like glossy, but a very muted gloss. 

These lipsticks do transfer which I'm fine about it, although they feathers even after I use a lip liner. They don't feather until like the fourth or fifth hour (they do lasts a long time even after eating and drinking) but it still bothers me to the point I will not wear these if I know I'm going to be out all day. I haven't tested November for a whole day but Alyssa and Point Zero definitely feathers. Not like a lot, but I can totally see them when I look closely.

Anyway, these products are still available at ColourPop website, click here for direct link to Kathleen Lights collabs.

Well, wishing everyone a good midweek!


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