Transition Your Summer Outfit to Fall

Hi, guys!

Greetings from Santorini, well, not the real Santorini but a hallway make to have the bearings of Santorini. Anyway, as the very long title indicates, I want to share you my secret weapon to transition my summer outfit to fall---the denim jacket.

I own four of them (black, light blue, blue denim, and white) and I'm not ashamed to say that. This one is old and it's from Cotton On. I love the white crisp colour making it still look summer-y but still gives you that warmth. A denim jacket looks good with literally everything. From your off shoulder and shorts combo to a summery dress like I'm wearing here. Also, a denim jacket stands the test of time. Like I said, mine is quite old, about two years and yet it's still gives you some fashion points.

So if you haven't already, pull out your denim jacket from the back of the closet and start pairing them with all your summer outfit. And if you feel like your denim jacket is outdated, well, more reason to shop to get ready for fall! I'm already eyeing fall items in all store's new arrival section.
And that is the end of this post. I'm keeping it short and sweet and a happy weekend to all of you!


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