Jogjakarta Two Days Itinerary

Hi, guys!
I can't believe it's been two weeks since my trip to Jogjakarta and I have no excuse for putting this off except for the fact that I am indeed lazy. I spent way too much of my free time on my phone and on my TV. 
I went to Jogjakarta a few times already. Once when I was a kid with my family, once when I was in high school with the school, once with my sis and a friend, and this time, I went with my husband. The last time I went to Jogjakarta was in 2013, and boy o boy, this city has changed. For the better, I know, but it's no longer as authentic as it was. I can see skyscraper hotels creeping in and more and more malls are being built. While I'm all about progress, it's just always a bittersweet feeling when You say goodbye to anything. But anyway, here is a recap of our two days in the historic city of Jogjakarta.

So our trip was actually 2 nights. We arrived on Wednesday night and leave on Friday afternoon. Therefore, in general, we got about 2 days to explore.

We stayed at Greenhost Boutique Hotel and it is one of the most green hotel I have ever stayed in. It has strong lemongrass scent pretty much everywhere including in your bathroom amenities. I personally like the smell of lemongrass, it makes me feel like I'm in a spa or something. The staff were all friendly and helpful, room was small but not too small, it was just enough for a couple. The wall were thin so you can hear voices from the hall but as soon as 10PM, it was quiet and you can sleep soundly. The mattress was so-so. It's definitely not Hilton soft and cozy bed but it was comfy; not to thin or too hard.


We had a gudeg dinner (Gudeg Mercon) the night we arrived and then the next day; Day One as I like to call it, we went to Resoinangun Garden which you can read all about it by clicking here. From the flower garden, we continue to Pantai Samas which was about 5 minutes drive but there was nothing there and the wind was so strong we couldn't fly our drone in fear of our tiny DjiSpark was going to be carried away by the wind. So here's an artistic pic of that beach instead.

From the beach, we continue to RM Demangan for a very late lunch. The food was okay, the place was very instagramable, spacious, and it was quiet. We had a good time.

From RM Demangan, we decided to strolled around Malioboro Street which is quite famous in Jogjakarta. It's basically just a street filled with stores in left and right. My husband decided he wanted a satay even when we just had lunch.

From Malioboro street, we went to mall where we had an uneventful chinese food dinner. The Hartono Mall is really really nice. It's a mall you expect to see in Jakarta. I don't think Bandung even have a mall at this scale. Well, maybe Trans Mall.
From Hartono Mall, off we go to Hayati Specialty Coffee while waiting for Gudeg Bu Pawon to open. Do note most gudeg open late at night (around 9 to 10PM) and for popular gudeg, like Bu Pawon's, there will be a line. My husband queed for half an hour before he got his gudeg.


After checking out, we headed to Cafe Brick which is very popular in Jogjakarta scene since pretty much everyone who come here brought at least one camera. I, guilty as charged, brought two. But anyway, the place is very photogenic and has London vibes all over the place. There's even a platform 9 3/4-esque version at the back. We both ordered spaghetti and it was okay. Nothing special. You definitely paying for the photo-taking.

After our very early lunch (we had lunch at 11.30AM) we went to Taman Sari or also known as Water Palace. It's a historic site and rich in culture. If this is your first visit, I highly suggest to get a guide. It's supposed to be free but you should give your guide some money (we gave about US$4 to our guide). I went there back in 2013 and I love it I came back for the second time.
I was really curious about the underground tunnel where a lot of people took their preceding pics there. If you didn't hire a guide, I doubt you'll ever find it since you need to manouver around the people's houses to find it.

The underground mosque. Famous spot for prewedding photos.

From Taman Sari, we only have about two hours left before we need to be in the airport so we quickly grab a gelato from Tempo Gelato. I had coffee caramel and praline (hazelnut) and it tastes really good! It's so worth this two weeks coughing I'm having right now.
The place is small and it was really crowded. But worry not, Tempo Gelato has a few branches spread throughout Jogjakarta. So the process is you went to the cashier first to order which ice cream you want and then you pick it up while picking your chosen flavour.

We had a fried rice dinner at the airport and had two hours delayed. FUN.

I'm off to Bali in less two weeks and I need to put together my outfits. Like I said, I'm over prepared like that. It's the Virgo in me.
Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your week!


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