June Favorites

Hi, guys!

Apologies for the lack of posts; like I said, I have been focusing on my youtube channel lately and all my free time is spent on creating new videos. But obviously I could not miss my monthly favorites post, so without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things this June month.

I talked about this Rimmel Stay Matte Primer a couple times already in this blog but I'd said it again. It's a fine primer for oily skin sista out there. It's way cheaper than my ultimate favorite "Benefit Matte Rescue" and it performs just a little bit under. For the price, you cannot beat it. I'm almost out of my benefit's primer so I've been rotating it with this one to keep my Benefit' lasts longer.

I'm really into nude pink lip lately so I've been reaching my Chanel Blush (270 Joues Contraste) since it has such a vibrant pink. It looks crazy in the pan but it's actually really light and you need to build it up before you get that nice flushed color.

I am officially all out of Tarte Shape Tape concealer and I do miss it but so far I've been getting by with my ColourPop No Filter Concealer (20 Light). I usually use Maybelline Fit Me as the first layer and use ColourPop ones only in places where I want more coverage. It works really well for under eye! Especially since it's one shade lighter than my Maybelline's concealer.

Love love love this perfume! It lasts a good half a day before it starts fading and completely gone about 16 hours later. Which is probably the most long lasting perfume I have in my collection. It stands a good chance of being a favorite for the whole year.

All hail MAC Soft & Gentle Highlighter! It is one of the best in the market, IMHO. It has the right amount of sheen without being blinding. I find it perfect for pretty much every look. Be it a day time or a night time look. I also love the fact that it doesn't accentuate pores as bad as my other highlighter. 

Ken Liu' The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories is definitely a favorite in June. It has a Black Mirror-esque vibe in some of the stories. If you like technological thriller, this book is for you. I also love the fact that almost none of the 16 stories end in a happy ending. I mean, "The Paper Menagerie" is a sort of happy ending, I guess. But the rest ends in either the protagonist' demise, or it leaves us hanging. And it's probably just me; getting older and getting bitter, but I'm sort of over the whole live happily ever after ending. 
My favorite story is surprisingly, not "The Paper Menagerie", I actually fell in love with "State Change". The story follows Rina, in a world where your soul is represented by an actual physical thing you can touch. Rina' soul is a box of ice. The soul needs to be pretty close to the body; otherwise the body would die. It's an interesting and intriguing universe. This story is pretty much a self-discovery kinda tale. I'll just leave you with the last paragraph of this story
"You think you understood your soul, and you thought you knew how you needed to live your life. I thought you were wrong then, but I didn't have the right answer myself.
But now I do. I think you are ready for a state change."

This show is so crazy and so weird, it works. While it has wacky sense of humour, it also blends in the truth about our world that we live in. With one liners like these
“Girl, didn't you just hear me say lieberry? I went to public school in Mississippi. They told us dinosaurs went extinct because a asteroid turned them gay.”
“Black, gay, AND old? Ugh. I'm not even gonna know which box to check on the hate crime form.”
 It's a show that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I'm on season 3 and I'm officially hooked.


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