Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Shoulder Bag in Small Review

Hi, guys!
Honestly, I didn't have any intention to do a review when I purchased my bag since there are tons of great reviews out there but 90% of those great reviews are in video form so I thought I make a written one since videos sometimes hard to understand for people who doesn't speak English as their mother tongue. Also, anyone can just copy this whole post and have google translate it to any language they understand. So with that in thought, here we go.

I purchased my bag via an instagram store and I'd be more than happy to share that store name, you can just contact me via my email. The price that I paid was 24million rupiah or roughly US$1750. And man, DAZ EZZPENZIVE. I know that. It costs a gorgeous penny, not just a pretty penny. By far it is my most expensive bag purchase to date. Bear in mind, I have no intention to purchase any Chanel bag which has very similar look to this bag so if you are saving up for a Chanel, I'd say go with Chanel since it is a better investment piece. Altho, I don't really look at my handbags as an investment. I mean, I'd sell them when I get bored or I just don't wear it anymore. It's just that I have no intention to profit from them, you know?
BUT that is like an entirely different post, let's just jump in with details.

My GG Marmont Matelasse is in size small, or since there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding, it's 26cm diagonally. The style is flap; since there is a camera bag version where there's just zipper on top. There is also a belt bag version, a backpack style, clutch, tote version, bucket style, and the one that is very similar with mine but there's top handle. GG Marmot Matelasse Shoulder Bag has several sizer; super mini, mini, small, medium, and large. I go with small since I intend to use it for formal events as well and I don't want it to be too big. But I also want to be able to wear it on a daily basis so I don't want it to be too small. I did debating between small or medium but then I saw it on model (from the Gucci web) and it looks like the medium would be too big for evening attire. Hence, small it is. There are three popular colours to choose, black, red, and nude/tearose. There are several other colours like green and pink but I'm not sure if that's seasonal or not. I chose nude since I don't have a bag this color in my collection. Well, my Pashli comes close, but this one is more dainty, in a way.

The leather is quilted and very similar to Chanel Boy but it is by no mean a Chanel. This bag is more malleable and it doesn't have double flap. The lack of the double flap meaning you can't wear it as a crossbody bag too often in fear of disfiguring your bag. I've seen it a lot on celebgrams who exclusively wear it crossbody and it causes the top of the bag to become flatter and flatter. I like my bag the way it is to I try my best not to wear it crossbody. 

The leather is actually quite durable. I had them for almost two months and altho I don't wear it that often (I think I've worn it less than 10 times), I haven't seen any scratch. I spilled water several times and tea once, just wiped it down as soon as I can and nothing happened. I have never worn it under a big rain tho. It did survived drizzles just fine. The bag lining is what scares me the most really, it has soft-cloth lining and being the clumsy person that I am; I'm pretty sure I'm going to stained it real soon. The hardware also scares me; I haven't seen any significant scratches for now, but I don't think that's going to last long.

As for what fits inside; for me, it fits exactly enough. When I'm not carrying my whole life inside my tote, I only go with necessities; my Prada trifold wallet, my IPhone X, house keys, a pack of tissue, hand sanitiser, blotting paper, my power bank, and I put my cable inside the zipper. I also usually bring some rolled oil to ease my chronic headaches, as well as a lipstick.

I do find this bag as perfect and as beautiful as I imagined it to be. My only problem is with the opening. I just can't seem to open the bag in one go. Usually it takes at least two tries. Has anyone experienced the same problem? It doesn't really bother me tho with the opening. I just need to remember to push a little harder. 
Oh another problem is actually with styling. It is a very fancy bag and sometimes I'm able to make it more casual by wearing jeans or shorts but most of times, I found this to be a special weekend bag. It does blend seamlessly with my church outfits but that's pretty much it. Somehow I always need to do extra thinking when I want to wear this bag in a casual way. Anyway, here are some modelling shots.

For your reference, I'm 5'2 or 157cm.

As proven by these pics, I usually just hold the bag in my hand when I'm walking. I'm not a shoulder bag kinda girl and I have no idea why since this bag looks best on the shoulder. LOL. Most of the times it's on the crook of my arm too. I actually really like it crossbody but I don't do that too often. Only when I need both hands free aka when I'm bringing my shopping bags. 

I didn't regret my purchase so far but like in any other cases before buying anything, you need to consider your budget, your lifestyle, and your own fashion style. This bag has that uptown feel in it so it is not the best bag to wear if your life involves a lot of hiking. But if you have tons of invitations to weddings or dinners, then this is a great bag for that.

And that is the end of this post. Hope you find this post helpful.

See you in my next post!



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