The Belt Bag Debate

Fanny pack, belt bag, whatever you call it, you know this old retro style bag is coming back. We first saw them running around about a year ago exclusively on the biggest most stylish bloggers but now even mere mortals like us starts buying this type of bag. 
Now I do confess, it's one of the trend that I wasn't sure going to be picked up. I mean, matching suits are great and all, but it's not that wearable for us normal people who likes to be casual and comfortable. However, this belt bag, due to its casual and yet now-renounced-as-stylish quality, is being picked up and mass produced by stores like Zara and Forever21, they are coming up with this style of bag.
If you're thinking about buying it, you might want to read the entire post first before you click that add to cart button.

Let's face it, not all trends are created equal and I'm very picky about which trend I want to incorporate into my outfit. This belt bag was no different. My very first question before dive in to a new trend is : does it FLATTERING?
I do have a waist and I love anything that put attention to my waist since it is the smallest part of my body. Hence the answer is yes, this belt bag, in theory, should be flattering on me, as long as I wear it on my waist, not on my hip (like my dad used to do). If you carry most of your weight on your stomach, then this bag will draw attention to your waist & stomach area. So if you're not comfortable with that fact, you might want to reconsider your options.

The second question I'd ask myself to any new trend is : does it reflect my STYLE?
It's kinda difficult to sum up my style since it's ever-evolving but I do have to say that despite sometimes I'm all about that sophisticated chic all black and white outfit or the other times when I'll exclusively wear all kind of colours and all kind of colourful prints thrown at me, there is always one thing that is the common denominator : I'm a girly girl. I have never been a tomboy so I looked online and voila : it's so easy to match this belt bag with skirts or dresses. Again, the answer is yes, it can be styled to reflect my style.

Last but surely not the least question you should ask yourself before trying out new trend is : is it WEARABLE?
If the trend is a great thigh-high boots and you live in a tropical country, then it really is not the best decision to go ahead and buy one (unless you have a trip to somewhere cold planned). My point is does the trend blend seamlessly into your lifestyle? While I like to go all chic with my flare skirts and heels on Sundays, I usually prefer something casual for Saturdays. So again, the answer is yes. 

Now if you got all three yeses (pretty much like an American Idol audition) go ahead and buy your brand new shiny belt bag! I'm not convinced this trend will last (you know, like those origami shorts) so I decided to opt for an affordable option. Mine is from Stradivarius and it's like US$15. It doesn't get any better than that.

Anyway, I'm sorry for being MIA all of the sudden. I have been really focused on my youtube channel and I posted 2 new videos in the past 2 weeks. If you haven't already, please subscribe, I would really appreciate it!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


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