May Favourites

Hi, guys!
I am finally feeling better; after a week of coughing and sneezing, I truly feel like 100% today. Hence, without further ado, here are a few things that I have been loving in the month of May.

If you follow me on instagram, this will comes as no surprise. This heart-shaped sunnies is so cute and retro and it has a tiny bit of cat-eye feature which flatters my round face shape. They surprisingly fits into a lot of outfit seamlessly and it gives the whole look a little bit more mystery.
I bought the sunnies online and I forgot the name of the store so I'm sorry about that. But it doesn't have any brand, just a store that sells cute stuff from Bangkok/Hong Kong. I'm sure you can find a lot of variation of heart shaped sunnies out there.

Got this white mules from (no, I'm not sponsored) and holy moly I LOVE IT. I actually ordered a size up but it's still too small. It fits comfy in the front but you can see little bit of my feet at the back. And that's not really a problem to me, altho my mom keep saying that it looks like I'm wearing a borrowed shoes. LOL. 
I love the v shape at the front and the buckle detail is a nice trendy addition as well. You can spot this shoes sooo many times on my instagram posts. If you haven't already, please follow me I post mainly outfit posts there that doesn't make it into a blog post.

I usually wear my trusty Aqualabel compact powder but the powder broke and it makes such a huge mess so I put it away until my refill came. In the meantime I reached for my oldie but goodie MAC Studio Fix (I'm NC20) and it definitely brings back a lot of memories. I used to exclusively wear this compact powder in my uni days; even two years after I graduated. I went through probably a dozen of this powder and now I remember why I love them so much. 
It has a blurring quality in it somehow. I always got compliment on how good my skin is whenever I wear this. And I only use a primer; not even any foundation or BB Cream. My bronzer and blush on lasts so much longer compared to when I wear my Aqualabel' ones. And it has better oil-control as well. The only con is that it's pricey and it's like 3x the price of the Aqualabel'. 

Another powder that I have been loving is RCMA No Color Powder. My ride and die setting powder is definitely Coty Airspun Extra Coverage but on days when I want something that's going to control all that oil, I instinctively grabbed this. And since it has been pretty humid these past couple of days (hi there summer) I have been using this more and more. It's so affordable as well!

I have finally found an affordable dupe for my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner. It's Clio "Kill Black" Waterproof Eyeliner. If I were to compare it with Stila, it's definitely up to par and makes a great contender. Obviously Stila' is still the best option for humid or rainy day but for an everyday, more affordable option, you should definitely check this one out.

If you are in the market for a fun fresh summer scent that is affordable, look no further. This Victoria Secret Bombshell Summer is a real winner in my book. It's fruity (but not too sweet), floral (but not like a grandma scent), and it's so tropically juicy. 
Worry not, it's not too teenager-y, it's definitely on the youthful side but I can imagine a 50 something wear this. It's light but other people can still smell it on you. I got the roll on version because I love roll on perfume that you can toss in your bag and reapply throughout the day. But the full size version is definitely worth the price.
It lasts pretty long on me and the sillage is good too! My husband really love this smell that I even put it on when I'm home (I might have zero make up and hair in a bun but dammit Imma smell good)

So this one is a little cheating since I'm not exactly done. I'm on chapter 10 so I still have 4 chapters left but I know this is definitely a May favorite.
I do consider myself as a spiritual individual and sometimes it's just hard, you know, to figure out if my desire is in line with God's plan for me. And it's perfectly normal, I think, to want things, to crave something, but I don't want my obsession with something that I want gets in the way of God's perfect plan. And to discern fleshy desire from spiritual desire; you need to listen intently to God.
This book talks about how you can hear from God. It divides the answer in two chapter. One chapter focuses on learning to listen and Second Chapter focuses on learning to obey.
So far my favourite is Part One since it's where I got most of my answers. God speaks to you through supernatural revelation, natural things, internal peace, and conviction. I have always love how Joyce Meyer explain things in the most relatable examples. It really brings home an idea.
But Part Two is also important. In order to have a victorious life, there is only one key, OBEY.
It's not exactly a summer reading but hey, I just read what I feel like reading, you know?

Quirky, funny, superb cast, amazing chemistry; I still to this day had no idea why this show is not popular. Don't Trust The B*tch in Apartment 23 is an old TV Show from 2011 to 2012. They only have two seasons despite their kick-ass episodes. This show follows June, a sweet Southern gal that moves in to New York to follow her dream and lives with Chloe, the funloving B*tch in apartment 23.
I have always love the juxtaposition of a crazy wild character with a goody two shoes character. It makes a great story and it makes good TV. Thrown in a celebrity and a creepy yet lovable neighbours, it makes an A+ show. I'm on Season 2 and I'm actually sad it's coming to an end. But who am I kidding, you can always re-watch them funny episodes.

I do feel like Santa Clarita Diet also deserves an honorary mention. It's two seasons with thirteen 20mins-episodes/season so my husband and I breezed through them in a week. LOL. It's a really fun comedy take on zombies. If you like Ghosted, you'd definitely love this.

And that is pretty much it for my May Favourites. Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great midweek!


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