Peranakan Houses at Joo Chiat Road Singapore

Hi, guys!
This post is going to be short and sweet mostly because there isn't that much to talked about here. On the last full day of our trip, we took a stroll to the past around Joo Chiat Road surrounded by peranakan houses.

Introduction; peranakan is basically a mixed culture between Malaysian and Singaporean. So they might look Chinese but they speak Malay. Or it can also go the other way around, they might look Malaysian, but they speak fluent Mandarin. (do correct me if I'm wrong)
Not only in language, it's basically a mix of everything they have in their life. From food to architecture. One of the famous Peranakan houses located at Joo Chiat Road. The pastel coloured houses kinda reminded me of Notting Hill really.

Joo Chiat Road boasts not only its heritage but also a home for food enthusiast and knick-knack lovers. There is also a Perankan Museum if you're interested in this culture. We didn't ventured to those area and just took pics in front of the houses tho. We were hot and hungry, so do apology for the lack of enthusiasms. 

Matching with my surroundings as per usual
If you do want to visit, avoid midday since the heat is unbearable. We went there around 2PM via Grab and I was sweating bullets. It is a residential area so keep quiet while taking pics and you wouldn't get any complains.

Wishing everyone a great midweek!


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